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Elsa and Andreas

Boogie Woogie Teachers and Performers
Glad you are here and welcome to our website! Here you will find information about us as a dancing couple, videos and news.
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World Cup Finalists
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In 2009 our dance journey started together. Since then we have been part of the Austrian National Team and have competed in dozens of national and international competitions all over Europe. We are 8-times Austrian Champions and Cup Winners. In addition to more than 300 performances, we have reached several finals at World Cup tournaments and have more than 40 tournament victories in our career. Neben dem Tanzen arbeitet Andreas als Projektmanager und Requirements Engineer. Besides dancing, Andreas is working as a project manager and a requirement engineer. Elsa is finishing her Masters in Global Studies and works in an advertising agency.

Boogiehasen Boogiehasen Boogiehasen
Elsa Andreas

You will soon be able to meet us at these events/workshops, among others:

19.04.2024 Boogie Factory Workshop St. Martin in Traun, Austria
26.04.2024 Swinging Wellness in the Spring Bad Blumau, Austria
04.05.2024 Boogie & Swing Days Fives Wieselburg, Austria
08.05.2024 Boogiehasen Killer Boogie Bootcamp Wien, Austria
17.05.2024 Boogie Bären Dance Camp Landsberg am Lech, Germany
06.08.2024 Boogiehasen Fortgeschrittenen Seminar Sommer Wien, Austria
31.08.2024 Boogiehasen Open Air Sommerparty Bisamberg, Austria
31.08.2024 Boogiehasen boogietime Dance Camp 08/ Wien, Austria
20.09.2024 5 6 7... Swing Dance Camp Frankenfels, Austria
13.10.2024 Boogiehasen Super Sunday Seminare Wien-Floridsdorf Herbst Wien, Austria
25.01.2025 Workshop Wanna Dance Jeans-Party 2025 Stockerau, Austria


Our Projects

Since 2014 we run the club BWC Boogiehasen, which was already founded in 1991 by Andreas parents. The club is not only about Boogie Woogie as a competition dance, but also about the pure pleasure of Boogie Woogie and Swing. Due to our close connections to international top dancers we continuously integrate new techniques and trends into our lessons. In addition to Boogie Woogie, we also incorporate influences from other swing dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston and Solo Jazz. For over three decades, we have offered a family-like community where dance enthusiasts can meet like-minded people and develop their dancing skills.

Achievements and References

  • Top 10 WRRC World Ranking during 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • 8x Austrian Champions Boogie Woogie 2015-22
  • 8x Austrian Cup Champions Boogie Woogie 2015-22
  • 5x Viennese Champions Boogie Woogie 2018-22
  • Finalist (5th place) at WRRC World Cup Königsbrunn 2022
  • Finalist (5th place) at WRRC World Cup Geneva 2021
  • Finalist (7th place) at WRRC World Cup Prague 2021
  • Finalist (6th place) at WRRC World Cup Sochi 2019
  • Finalist (9th place) at WRRC Online World Cup April and Mai 2021
  • 8th Place World Championship 2022 in Stuttgart


We are pleased to receive a request regarding workshops and showcases at andreas.aigner@boogiehasen.com!